Hit That Donut Chocolate Frosted Donut Ejuice


Chocolate Frosted Donut Ejuice by Hit That Donut features a sweet and creamy treat: freshly frosted chocolate donuts topped with crunchy chocolate sprinkles! Feast on a warm and freshly-vaped treat that pairs well with your morning coffee, your after-dinner cravings, and any other hankering you get for something sweet! Brand: Hit That Donut / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Dessert Hit That Donut Chocolate Frosted Donut Ejuice Description Slam your vape taste buds with a fistful of sweet flavor, featuring a warm and soft donut that pulls apart easily at your fingertips. Smear your lips with sticky sweet chocolate frosting and feel the soft chocolate sprinkles crunch in your mouth as you sink your teeth into this delectable breakfast treat. A top-secret recipe was used in the baking of this donut, featuring a handful of ingredients that come together to form a warm and buttery treat. Soft and sticky donut dough is rolled into a thick circle and set in a warm oven to rise gently. Once the donut has risen enough, it gets plopped into a cheerfully bubbling pan of oil, where it is fried to golden perfection. Each donut gets briskly sent down a conveyor belt, where a waterfall of molten milk chocolate coats each donut with a rich and decadent chocolate silk. A handful of chocolate sprinkles are flung atop this creamy dessert for a bit of crunch to a fluffy donut that your taste buds wont ever want to put down! Hit your taste buds into next week as you dive headfirst into a sweet and creamy cloud of freshly baked donuts, smothered with a warm and smooth chocolate frosting, and topped with crunchy sprinkles!