HMBL Lemon Cake Ejuice


HMBL Lemon Cake Ejuice by Humble Juice Co. delivers a warm and freshly baked lemon pound cake, stuffed with the zest of a thousand sweet Meyer lemons, and drizzled with a homemade lemon glaze. Forget about dinner and revel in the only course that truly matters: dessert! Brand: HMBL / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 65/35 / Flavor Type: Dessert HMBL Lemon Cake Ejuice Description HMBL Lemon Cake Ejuice by Humble Juice Co. features all the comforts of a home kitchen, sending out intoxicating baking scents that drive your vape taste buds into a crazed frenzy! WIth Lemon Cake, you can stuff your face with sweet and freshly baked lemon pound cake, warm and crumbly in every slice. The zest of a thousand Meyer lemons was mixed into the cake batter to ensure a bite of lemon and a kiss of sweetness in every cloud, the perfect after-dinner cloud treat. This golden brown lemon pound cake features a deep brown crust and a soft pale cake center, with the slightest bit of crunch to the smooth center. As if this hasnt left you foaming at the mouth with desire already, a sugary lemon frosting is poured over the top of the pound cake for a sweet and lemony kick to every cloud. Never mind finishing your dinner; skip straight to dessert and enjoy a luscious mouthful of lemon pound cake clouds that instantly transport your taste buds to heaven and beyond. For a warm and comforting dessert flavor that will leave your vape taste buds in dessert ecstasy, feast on HMBL Lemon Cake Ejuice by Humble Juice Co. and keep those sweet tooth cravings in check!