HMBL Strawberry Sour Belt Ejuice


HMBL Strawberry Sour Belt Ejuice by Humble Juice Co. delivers a rush of sinfully sweet strawberry and devilishly sour sugar flavor in every cloud. Infuse your clouds with a cloud of strawberries blended with sour sugar candy belts and keep your vape taste buds coming back for more! Brand: HMBL / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 65/35 / Flavor Type: Sweets HMBL Strawberry Sour Belt Ejuice Description HMBL Strawberry Sour Belt Ejuice by Humble Juice Co. features a sweet and sour concoction that will have your eyes rolling back in your head at the onslaught of sour strawberry candy in every cloud. Mounds of sunkissed strawberries were gathered under the heat of the summer sun, each sweet berry bursting with the gentle taste of summer freshness. These sweet berries are sliced into thick slivers, ready to infuse your clouds with summer goodness. These ruby red strawberries are swirled into a vat of chewy candy, ready to be stretched and cut into thick strips. Each candy gets dusted with a generous helping of sour sugar for an extra oomph of mouth-squinching sour! Enjoy a riveting blend of sweet and sour candy, with fresh wild strawberries providing the fruit flavor and the stretched candy belts dusted with sour sugar for the candy flavor! Instead of a simple fruit flavor, Humble Juice Co. now presents a candy version of summers favorite fruits that is sure to whet your whistle and delight your vape taste buds! Let your daily vape experience be filled with sugary sweet and sinfully sour strawberry belt clouds, thanks to a delicious eliquid called HMBL Strawberry Sour Belt Ejuice by Humble Juice Co.!