Honey Bear Ejuice


Honey Bear Ejuice presents pure golden blossom honey as it oozes from an overturned bear-shaped bottle onto golden graham crackers, ready to delight your sweet craving cloud wishes with skies full of honey goodness! Brand: Honey Bear / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Honey Bear Ejuice Description In the deep dark heart of the forest lies a Vaping Bear. He guards his honey fiercely and only goes out in light of a new moon, where the night is at its darkest. Legend has it that this honey is the freshest, purest honey in the land, more so than exotic golden blossom honey bees. Each new moon, brave hunters embrace the night and steal into his cave to ransack the stash of honey for the purest and freshest vape honey. When the successful ravagers return home with the honey, they celebrate by pouring over freshly baked graham crackers, baked at a low temperature in a stone hearth to preserve the freshest flavor and rich smooth taste. What you hold in your hand is a highly sought after, very dangerously obtained bottle of sweetest vaping honey golden grahams. As thanks to the great bear who allows his honey to be taken, puff up your clouds in tribute to this famed legendary bear. Breathe in the sweet and smooth richness of honey drizzled over velvety soft graham crackers, and introduce your vape taste buds to a flavor unlike any other. Honey Bear Ejuice was difficult to craft but so worth it to obtain! Enjoy the spoils of the hunters toils, and if you listen, you just might hear the old Vaping Bear??????s snuffling in each puff you draw from your tank!