Humble Donkey Kahn Ejuice


Donkey Kahn Ejuice by Humble lets you get it on like Donkey Kong in a rip-roaring cloud of fruit flavor! Sweet fruits abound in this crazy eliquid, featuring sunkissed strawberry, sweet golden banana, and exotic dragonfruit! Keep your vape game strong with this killer fruit eliquid from Humble Juice Co.! Brand: Humble / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Fruit Humble Donkey Kahn Ejuice Description Donkey Kahn Ejuice by Humble brings you a warrior of flavor like Genghis Kahn, featuring three mighty flavors that promise to vanquish your vape taste buds in a cloud of victory! First up in this savage flavor is ruby red strawberry. These sweet berries deliver a warm and sunny flavor of summer strawberries, picked fresh in a sprawling field of dreams. Feast on summers favorite fruit in every cloud, and deliver your clouds to sweet victory with every puff. Next in this killer eliquid is thick golden bananas. Banana is a flavor not often seen in eliquids, but its an excellent pairing with the sweet strawberries! Golden bananas are harvested from the island banana trees and bring sweet and hearty flavor with every bite. Strawberry and banana would be a decadent eliquid just with two flavors, but Humble goes one step further by adding in the exotic dragonfruit to finish everything off. Dragonfruit brings a subtly sweet and delicate flavor to this eliquid, delivering a mouthful of well-rounded sweetness that is hands-down one of Humbles finest eliquids. Enjoy all of the sweet fruits that your vape taste buds can bear, and prepare to get it on like Donkey Kong, compliments of Donkey Kahn by Humble.