Humble Ice Berry Blow Doe Ejuice


Berry Blow Doe Ice Ejuice Humble Ice takes your vape taste buds to the iced-over candy shop, featuring a frozen blueberry blow-pop lollipop with an icy raspberry center! Enjoy a snowy sweet mouthful of raspberry and blueberry-scented clouds and enjoy a blow poppin frozen flavor with this fruit and candy eliquid! Brand: Humble Ice / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Menthol Humble Ice Berry Blow Doe Ejuice Description Berry Blow Doe Ice Ejuice by Humble Ice brings you the snowed-in sweet shoppe with frozen raspberry fruit bubblegum in the center of an icy blueberry lollipop! How many puffs will it take you to get to the center? Only one way to find out! Take a snow-covered trip down memory lane as you puff on an eliquid thats overflowing with frozen fruit and chilly candy flavor. Sweet and icy red raspberries, cold from the winter sun, are gathered by the heaping handfuls. These frosty berries are crushed over ice and blended with a chewy bubblegum square for a frosty berry-licious snowball of flavor once you reach the center! This chilled bubble gum square gets dipped in an icy vat of liquid wild blueberry candy, over and over until the desired shape of a lollipop appears! The icy bubblegum lollipop is squeezed into the 120mL bottle you have before you, ready to be transformed into thick chilly clouds of a snowy blueberry lollipop with a frozen raspberry bubblegum center! Enjoy the cold and crunchy flavor of this icy candy and frost-bitten fruit vape juice, and let your vape taste buds embark on a snow-capped journey through the blueberry lollipop and raspberry bubblegum clouds, thanks to Berry Blow Doe Ice by Humble Ice!