Humble Ice Dragon Fly Ejuice


Dragon Fly Ice Ejuice by Humble Ice features a frozen trio of melons that are certain to freeze your vape taste buds with a single puff. Puff on icy watermelon slices mixed with chunks of snowy honeydew and frosty slices of cantaloupe for as long as your vape taste buds can stand with this deliciously frozen melon flavor from Humble Ice! Brand: Humble Ice / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Menthol Humble Ice Dragon Fly Ejuice Description Dragon Fly Ice Ejuice by Humble Ice delivers icy refreshment to your vape taste buds with a rush of cold fruit just waiting to be sampled and transformed into frosty clouds. Feast on a triple whammy of icy melons, all gathered carefully for the creation of this frostbitten flavor. The first fruit in our frosty melon eliquids features icy watermelons gathered at the peak of winter, snow still covering the fat green melons. Slice open one of these huge fruits to reveal the icy red flesh within, ripe and chilled and ready for the vaping. Next in this icy eliquid are frosty cantaloupes, frozen over into a giant ball of ice. These icy cantaloupes get hacked into a thousand glittering shards, bursting with rich and ripe fruit flavor. And finally, we have smooth and snowy honeydew melons. These sweet and delicate melons are frozen solid, but with a little persistence, they break apart into huge frozen chunks that are as sweet as they are icy. Enjoy a full-bodied menthol flavor brimming with icy clouds in every puff, and feast on a menthol flavor that satisfies your icy cravings as well as your desire for frozen fruit goodness, all made possible by Dragon Fly Ice Ejuice by Humble Ice!