Humble Smash Mouth Ejuice


Smash Mouth Ejuice by Humble delivers a unique yet delicious eliquid flavor that just might be the next best thing to ever hit your vape taste buds square in the mouth! Feast on a vape knuckle sandwich, featuring a strawberry custard with a buttery graham cracker crust. Your vape taste buds will be one, two, three, down for the count! Brand: Humble / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Dessert Humble Smash Mouth Ejuice Description Smash Mouth Ejuice by Humble features a vape knuckle sandwich of sorts, delivering a punch of sweet strawberry, buttery graham cracker, and creamy custard right in the kisser! Long sheets of grainy graham crackers are pounded into a fine powder and doused with melted butter for a soft and buttery crust. This buttery graham mixture is pressed into a pie tin and ready to be layered with sweet strawberries! Now that the crust is ready, heaping handfuls of wild strawberries are boiled on low heat for a rich and sweet strawberry compote, full of flavor and sweetness. And lastly, the custard! Heavy cream and creamy milk are heated on low until it just begins to bubble. Dark Tahitian vanilla, whisked eggs, and pure cane sugar are slowly stirred into the bubbling cream for a thick and creamy custard that sends out delicious tendrils of vapor all throughout the kitchen! The liquid custard gets poured over the graham cracker crust, and the strawberry compote completes the final layer of this decadent dessert for a strawberry custard confection that would make even your Granma jealous! Throw out dinner in favor of this sweet and decadent dessert brought to you in eliquid form as Smash Mouth Ejuice by Humble!