Humble Sweater Puppets Ejuice


Sweater Puppets Ejuice by Humble features a sweet and fruity blend of Caribbean mangoes, juicy cantaloupe, and smooth honeydew melon. This eliquid brings out the big guns in terms of flavor and promises to have these melons knock your socks off with every soft and puffy cloud! Brand: Humble / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Sweets Humble Sweater Puppets Ejuice Description Sweater Puppets Ejuice by Humble delivers a rush of sweet and refreshing mango and melon flavor in every cloud, delighting your nostrils and vape taste buds alike with pure fruit vapor. First up in this knock-out eliquid is tropical mango. These mangoes were carefully plucked from the mango trees of Trinidad, soft and warm from the island sun. The scent of these mangoes reaches your nose even before you uncork the generous 120mL bottle, sending your vape taste buds into overload! Next in this delicious fruit cocktail is succulent honeydew melon. These smooth green melons are split right down the middle to reveal the juicy pale green flesh within. This sweet green fruit then gets scooped into smooth spheres for a cool and refreshing fruit salad on a hot summer day. And finally, we have ripe and sweet cantaloupe melons, not much to look at on the outside, but a beautiful deep orange on the inside! These sweet cantaloupes are carved into thick chunks and dusted with a touch of sea salt for a rich and rolling fruit flavor that your vape taste buds will go wild for. Each of these flavors come together in delicious mango and melon harmony, tempting your vape taste buds to motorboat into that cloudy horizon, compliments of Sweater Puppets Ejuice by Humble!