Hype Collection by Propaganda – Pink and Blue


Pink and Blue is a sweet and sugary cotton candy flavor thats part of the Hype Collection by Propaganda. This premium e-juice will remind you of the kind of cotton candy that you used to enjoy at the carnival. Brand: Propaganda / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Hype Collection by Propaganda – Pink and Blue Description Hype Collections Cotton Candy is a beautiful vape juice. It has the same smooth and lightly sweet taste. You can pick up hints of blue raspberry and strawberry. The sugary flavor is authentic. Cotton Candy tastes as though you take a bite into a ball of cotton candy and the flavor is settling in your mouth. This e-juice will enchant your taste buds. It tastes just like a real cotton candy. Cotton Candy is an extraordinary e-juice. It vapes smoothly. You can chain vape on it without getting sick of how it tastes. This Hype Collection eliquid was made for vapers who have a sweet tooth. Although it is sweet and delightful, the flavor is not overwhelming. You can lose yourself in this yummy cotton candy vape juice.