I Love Donuts Blueberry Ejuice


Blueberry Ejuice by I Love Donuts delivers a freshly baked blueberry donut! This decadent treat is covered with blueberry frosting and stuffed with wild blueberries. Indulge in a sinfully sweet dessert and enjoy the delicious flavor of fresh blueberry donuts in every cloud! Brand: I Love Donuts / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets I Love Donuts Blueberry Ejuice Description We heard your wish for a smooth and sugary dessert treat and answered it in the form of a blueberry donut eliquid! Sweet and sticky donut dough gets stuffed with wild blueberries and gets shaped into a fat ring. This delightful dessert treat gets plopped into a deep fryer, with hot oil cheerfully bubbling away. The donut gets fried to a deep golden brown on both sides, making your mouth water with sugary desire. Once the donuts have fully cooled, a decadent frosting is poured over each donut, encasing the doughy treat with a thick coating of sweetness. A handful of freshly picked blueberries are tossed on top, creating a mouthwatering dessert with a touch of fruity sweetness! Indulge in a smooth and creamy dessert that literally screams “I love donuts” with every puff! This fragrant eliquid was made for the donut lovers in all of us, and not even Homer Simpson would be able to resist the creamy treat! Feast on a freshly made donut that oozes with sugary sweet frosting, stuffed with wild blueberry flavor, and set before you in eliquid form! If you love desserts and creamy clouds, Blueberry Ejuice by I Love Donuts is one all-day vape juice youll want to always keep on hand!