Johnny Be Fresh Tropic Sun Ejuice


Tropic Sun Ejuice by Johnny Be Fresh delivers a tropical delight that is bursting with flavor, you can smell the freshness the moment you crack the bottle open. Tangerines mixed with very light guava captivate your taste buds immediately, giving you the mouth-watering feeling youll experience while drinking an iced cold orange bang. Youll be satisfied, but probably addicted after giving this flavor a shot, its a refreshing all day vape. Simple: Tangerine takes the lead in this delicious and refreshing Iiquid, with hints of guava and strawberry to give it a very smooth taste. Flavor Notes: Tangerine Hints of Guava Light Strawberry Brand: Johnny Be Fresh / Bottle Size: 60ml / VG/PG: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Johnny Be Fresh Tropic Sun Ejuice Description