Johnny Creampuff Original Ejuice


Original Ejuice by Johnny Creampuff (a lineup from Tinted Brew) is an eliquid rendition of a classic Italian pastry fresh out of the oven. A light and slightly flaky shell encases the luscious vanilla cream that completes this dessert vape flavor into a tasty vape treat. Brand: Johnny Creampuff / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Johnny Creampuff Original Ejuice Description Theres a saying, “Dont mess with perfection,” which perfectly sums up this delightful original eliquid rendition of the classic cream puff treat. We start with a heavenly cream base, mixed with soft sweet butter, farm fresh cream, and a dash of warm Tahitian vanilla. The batter is whipped into a thick and sticky cream, fluffy and moist with all the right flavors! This delectable cream is set aside while we prepare the cream puffs. Layers of puff pastry are pulled and rolled to get that classic crispy texture, all while offering a gentle touch of sweetness. The puff pastry gets cut into large circles and set to bake in the oven, where the heat makes the dough rise and bake to a delicious golden brown. The puffs are removed from the oven, cooled completely, and now were ready for the magic to happen! The silky sweet vanilla cream is piped onto the golden brown cream puffs, creating a luscious after-dinner treat that your taste buds will love! Feast on a famous Parisian dessert in eliquid form that bursts thick and creamy sweetness. If youre looking for a unique and flavorful creamy dessert of delicious cream puff flavor, try out Original Ejuice by Johnny Creampuff today!