Juice Head Freeze Peach Pear Ejuice


Peach Pear Eliquid by Juice Head Freeze features a tantalizing mix of juicy peaches and pears, combined with an ice mental blast. If you??????re a fan of Juice Head Peach Pear ejuice, why not take the temperature down with this menthol twist on a classic flavor? Juice Head Freeze Peach Pear Ejuice Description The sweet summer scent of ripe fruits combines with cool menthol in this latest flavor explosion from Juice Head Freeze. Mixing mouthwatering d??????Anjou pears with succulent Georgia peaches, Juice Head Freeze Eliquid takes the best of summer and gives it a cool touch; perfect for Autumn. With a sweet peach flavor on the inhale, Juice Head Freeze Peach Pear delivers just the right amount of sweetness. You??????ll notice an increase of pear tones on the exhale, and a frosty, frozen delight with each puff. For menthol lovers, Juice Head Freeze Peach Pear strikes the perfect balance between an icy blast and the sweetness of summer. Imagine a cool, breezy Autumn afternoon or a sun-kissed December morning and that??????s exactly what Juice Head delivers. Enhancing their beloved Peach Pear eliquid with crisp menthol, the Juice Head Freeze range will delight fans of sweet, menthol and fruit ejuices alike. The cool menthol flavor tones down the sweetness offered by the peach and pear combo, which means Juice Head Freeze is a flavor you??????ll never get tired of. Delivering a taste of chilled, juicy peaches and soft, frozen pear, Juice Head Freeze Peach Pear brings everything you love about summer into the next season. Juice Head Freeze Peach Pear Ejuice Information Brand: Juice Head Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 100ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Fruit, Menthol About Juice Head Freeze Whether youre looking for an all day juice, something to refresh the palette, or you love the taste of a fruit combination with the throat hit of menthol, the Juice Head Freeze line feature ejuices that are reminiscent of a chilled drink enjoyed by the side of the pool on a hot day. The Juice Head Freeze range of eliquids are 100ml bottles of fruity menthol flavor, manufactured in the USA, and available in a selection of nicotine levels and tastes. Produced by Streamline Vape, Freeze eliquids combine refreshing fruit flavors with the cool hit of menthol to give flavorful and refreshing tastes that leave your mouth watering without overloading your taste buds. eJuice Deals is your source for Juice Head Freeze. Juice Head Freeze comes in a variety of other flavors such as, Blueberry Lemon, Strawberry Kiwi, Pineapple Grapefruit, and Watermelon Lime. If youre a fan of fruity menthol flavors, then youll love these selection of flavors, from watermelon and lime to blueberry and lemon!