Juice Roll-Upz Tropical Hi-Punch Ejuice


Flavor Description Hi-Punch Ejuice by Juice Roll-Upz Tropical has been one of the most sought-after fruit flavored Ejuice in the entire vaping industry. Featuring a cornucopia of all your favorite fruits, your taste buds will get a powerful punch of sweet and fruity wrapped up in one! Brand: Juice Roll-Upz / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Juice Roll-Upz Tropical Hi-Punch Ejuice Description What makes Hi-Punch Ejuice by Juice Roll-Upz Tropical so great? Prepare to ride a bright red wave of flavor as your feast on this delicious flavor! Take on the high seas of flavor with this juice as it features all of your favorites in one high punching cloud! The picture on the bottle depicts a cornucopia of fruit faves: pear, orange, apple, kiwi, cherry, and strawberry! Sweet and tart cherries are marinated in tangy syrup, crisp apples dance with juiciness, soft pears present a subtle sweetness, sun-warmed strawberries burst with freshly picked flavor, and exotic kiwis give off a subtle tanginess that your taste buds will fall in love with. Take your vape taste buds to the dreams of the islands with this exotic flavor, bursting with rich mango flavor in each and every delicious puff of this Ejuice. Are you drooling yet? Ripe and juicy clouds drift from your tank in delicate puffs, their soft tendrils of vapor singing their praises about your wise decision to purchase such an exotic flavor. Juice Roll-Upz Tropical needs no introduction; for fresh sweet flavor that satisfies your insatiable fruit cloud cravings, snag a bottle today and keep your tank brimming with sweet, flavorful, and tropical fruit clouds, compliments of Hi-Punch Ejuice by Juice Roll-Upz Tropical!