Kilo Original Series 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Kilo Original Series 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle presents a flavorful trifecta of milky flavors your taste buds have been searching for. Enjoy a bottle of sweet and creamy cereal milk, just like the ending of the morning breakfast bowl. In a second bottle, we have honeydew melons and mixed berries doused in a creamy milk bath. And in the final bottle, we have a parfait of sweetness, featuring Greek yogurt, ripe strawberries, and lush kiwis! Satisfy your cravings for something creamy and sweet all in a single puff, thanks to this delicious bundle of flavor, only at! Brand: Kilo Original Series / Bottle Size: 300mL (3x100ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Kilo Original Series 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description First up, we have Cereal Milk. Remember when youd pour a heaping bowl of cereal and happily crunch down on every spoonful of colorful cereal? While there was that tiny bit of milk in every spoonful, you relished the ending where you could drink up that delicious cold and creamy sweetness and say, “ahhhh.”Your morning was complete, your belly was full, and a smile was on your face. This flavor presents all of that delightful flavor in a single puff, featuring that creamy milk sweetness from the first puff to the last. Keep your taste buds satisfied with a deliciously sweet milky flavor that offers nostalgia of your childhood in every cloud. Crunchy rainbow cereal is all good and well, but its the milk at the end of the bowl that we know you really want! Next, we have Dewberry Cream. First up, we started with fresh and ripe honeydew melons, fat and swollen from the hot summer sun. These smooth green melons may look tame on the outside, but the flavor within is wild with flavor! Each melon gets split in half to reveal the soft and juicy flesh within. The melons are carved into fat chunks and set to soak in a bath of cold creamy milk! Next, a heaping cup of mixed berries are tossed in, featuring all the berries of the forest in a single handful. Sultry blackberries, smooth raspberries, sunkissed strawberries, and sweet blueberries join the honeydew melon chunks in this bath of cold farm-fresh cream. And finally, we have Kiberry Yogurt. Heaping handfuls of freshly picked wild strawberries are sliced into fat wedges, offering the delightful flavor of summer in every slice! These delicious berries stain your fingertips with sweet red berry juice, offering sticky fruit flavor in every puff. Next, we have tropical green kiwis! Dont be fooled by their rough and furry brown skin, because a true gem lies beneath that rough exterior! Juicy emerald green sweetness lies beneath the furry brown exterior, waiting to tantalize your taste buds with sweet fruit flavor! Fruits favorite duo of strawberries and kiwis comes together in this eliquid, swirled with thick and creamy yogurt for an eliquid masterpiece your taste buds wont soon forget! Treat yourself to a smooth and creamy fruit flavor, bursting with fresh kiwi wedges, wild strawberry slices, and smooth Greek yogurt in every cloud!