Kilo Original Series Cereal Milk Ejuice


Cereal Milk Ejuice by Kilo Original Series features the best part of a bowl of cereal: the sweet creamy milk at the end of the bowl! Treat your taste buds to a milky fruit eliquid that brings back memories of Saturday morning cartoons and early morning breakfast. If youre looking for a fruity flavor that has a delightful creamy finish, try this delightful eliquid rendition of a bowl of cereal and milk! Brand: Kilo Original Series / Bottle Size: 100ml / VG/PG: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Kilo Original Series Cereal Milk Ejuice Description Kilo Original Series sought to bring an authentic flavor that vapers would connect with. Milky flavors are in high demand, offering the sweet yet hearty flavor that reminds them of their favorite treats. Cereal Milk does just that, offering a pure and simple flavor that features the best part of a bowl of cereal: the ending! Remember when youd pour a heaping bowl of cereal and happily crunch down on every spoonful of colorful cereal. While there was that tiny bit of milk in every spoonful, you relished the ending where you could drink up that delicious cold and creamy sweetness and say, “ahhhh.” Your morning was complete, your belly was full, and a smile was on your face. This flavor presents all of that delightful flavor in a single puff, featuring that creamy milk sweetness from the first puff to the last. Keep your taste buds satisfied with a deliciously sweet milky flavor that offers nostalgia of your childhood in every cloud. Crunchy rainbow cereal is all good and well, but its the milk at the end of the bowl that we know you really want! Puff on all the milky flavor you like in every cloud, compliments of Cereal Milk Ejuice by Kilo Original Series! Now, it still competes among the top fruity cereal or (pebbled) flavors like Holy Cannoli Pebbled, Charlies Mustache Milk and Rockt Punch Ultramagnetic Fruit Loops. If you havent tried this one yet, you should grab a bottle today. Better yet, grab the Kilo Original Series 3 pack bundle and try them all for one crazy low price!