Kilo Original Series Dewberry Cream Ejuice


Dewberry Cream by Kilo Original Series is a classic vape juice that set industry standards from the start. Sweet cream, honeydew melon, and mixed berries combine to make a unique and delicious flavor loaded eliquid. If you havent tried this one yet, you should grab a bottle today, or better yet, grab the Kilo Original Series 3 pack bundle and try them all for one crazy low price! Brand: Kilo Original Series / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Kilo Original Series Dewberry Cream Ejuice Description Fruits and creams are one of lifes simple pleasures. The pure and simple sweetness of wild fruit doused in farm fresh cream offers a delicious flavor that your taste buds wont ever tire of. But not just any fruit, mind you. Here at Kilo eLiquids, we believe in the “all or nothing” motto, and have delivered all of the fruity flavor your taste buds can handle in a single cloud! First up, we started with fresh and ripe honeydew melons, fat and swollen from the hot summer sun. These smooth green melons may look tame on the outside, but the flavor within is wild with flavor! Each melon gets split in half to reveal the soft and juicy flesh within. The melons are carved into fat chunks and set to soak in a bath of cold creamy milk! Next, a heaping cup of mixed berries are tossed in, featuring all the berries of the forest in a single handful. Sultry blackberries, smooth raspberries, sunkissed strawberries, and sweet blueberries join the honeydew melon chunks in this bath of cold farm-fresh cream. If youre looking for a fresh and fruity flavor that has just the right amount of sweet creamy goodness, Dewberry Cream by Original Series is sure to satisfy your taste buds from the first puff to the last!