Kilo White Series 4 Pack Ejuice Bundle


White Chocolate Strawberry, Cinnamon Roll, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Marshmallow Crisp Ejuice by Kilo White Series have been some of the most sought-after dessert flavored ejuices in the entire vaping industry. Save a bundle with our four pack and puff on the sweet scents of freshly baked treats by Kilo White Series for as long as your vape taste buds desire! Brand: Kilo White Series / Bottle Size: 400mL (4x100ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Kilo White Series 4 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description What makes White Chocolate Strawberry, Cinnamon Roll, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Marshmallow Crisp Ejuice by Kilo White Series so great? Envision yourself at the seat of a long banquet table…you??????ve just finished an extensive four-course meal, and crave something rich and hot and sweet as a finishing touch for the masterpiece you??????ve just consumed as your dinner. The huge bay doors open, and in wafts the scent of a decadent dessert, freshly baked and ready for your dessert plate. With the fantastic lineup from Kilo White Series, now these mouthwatering desserts can permeate your every cloud! First up, we have White Chocolate Strawberry, where Valentine??????s Day favorite treats abound in every puff! Roll around in mounds of sweet summer strawberry covered in decadent molten white chocolate! Next we have Ice Cream Sandwich. Summer flavors are always a hit, no matter what season it is. Ice Cream Sandwich transports you back to the golden days of summer, when the heat melts the ice cream sandwich and makes your fingers a delicious sticky mess! Now you can enjoy the flavor without sacrificing thousands of napkins to clean up your melted ice cream! Ice Cream Sandwich features a cold thick slice of creamy and delicious freshly churned vanilla bean ice cream, stuffed between two thin soft chocolate cookies! Thirdly, we have Cinnamon Roll! Dive into hot and cinnamon-laced sweet buns! Laced with criss-crossed thick lines of sweet cream cheese icing form a mouth watering dessert that more than satisfies your dessert cravings. The soft baked buns have a generous sprinkling of brown sugar and nutmeg on top, and have been perfectly baked into this cinnamon roll with the utmost care. And finally, we have Marshmallow Crisp. Warm and freshly baked sugar cookies break open in perfect halves at your fingertips. These delectable sugar cookies are covered in a melted marshmallow spread, spreading soft melted marshmallow in a gooey strings. The cold glass of milk beside said cookie is crying to be graced with that decadent half of a golden luscious sugar cookie!