Krem Milk Tea Ejuice


Milk Tea Ejuice by Krem Eliquid has been one of the most sought-after dessert flavored Ejuices in the entire vaping industry. Relax with a teacup full of loose leaf peach tea, with a dash of farm fresh cream and soothe yourself into a zen-like state of mind with this comforting flavor. Brand: Krem Eliquid / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Krem Milk Tea Ejuice Description What makes Milk Tea Ejuice by Krem so great? Perhaps it??????s been one of those long days where you just want to curl up in a warm blanket, throw some logs on the fireplace, and relax to the sound of a cheerful fire. Maybe you??????ve had a long day at work where the only thing that will set things right is some peace and quiet and a sky full of stars. All of these scenarios call for a calming cup of tea, and with Milk Tea by Krem has packed a wallop of flavor into this 100 mL bottle, intent on satisfying your hot tea cravings. Milk Tea features a generous helping of loose peach tea leaves, boiled in hot water to exude the sweet fragrance of the Georgia peaches and the summer night sky. A dash of milk softens the tea??????s sweetness, making this a truly decadent milky fruit flavor. Bold and rich peach tea is immediately detected in the soft tendrils of vapor that escape from your lips, and the sweet creaminess of the milk presents itself in the inhale, ensuring that the vaper gets both a cream and a fruit-scented cloud mix! Krem needs no introduction; for soft and seductive flavor that calms your insatiable craving for milky tea clouds, snag a bottle of Milky Tea Ejuice today, compliments of Krem!