Licks Swish Ejuice


Swish Ejuice by Licks has been one of the most sought-after candy flavored Ejuices in the entire vaping industry. Indulge in the delicious taste of chewy cherry candy, shaped into adorable fish! Tear open a school of fish and lose yourself in the sweet candied flavor of your childhood, featuring deliciously chewy cherry goodness! Brand: Licks / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Sweets Licks Swish Ejuice Description What makes Swish Ejuice by Licks so great? Take your vape taste buds under the sea, where a kingdom of sweet gummy Swedish fish are swimming around without a care in the world. Their pudgy cherry bodies float effortlessly around in the deep blue sea as they laze about in their watery domain. But just as soon as you reach out to sample their candy goodness, they whisk away quick as a lick, eluding your eager hand. The harder you try, the quicker they go! The trick to catching these candy fish devils is to float on your back, with your vape open wide, and as your float past them, they??????ll be sucked into your tank, oblivious to their surroundings. If you listen closely, you can still hear them swishing around with each and every hit of this delightful candy flavor. Take in a mouthful of sweet chewy gummy fish and swish around the flavorful chewy taste of candied yumminess! Licks needs no introduction; for flavor that is authentic as well as unique, puff on the sweet taste of chewy cherry fish and satisfy your insatiable candy cloud cravings! Snag a bottle of Swish Ejuice by Licks today and unleash your clouds to join their cloud brothers in the sky!