Mango Twist Mango Cream Dream 60ml Ejuice


Mango Cream Dream Ejuice by Mango Twist features a delicious twist on the traditional fruits and cream scene. Ripe and juicy Caribbean mangoes are sliced into fat wedges and soaked in farm fresh cream for days! Treat your taste buds to the warm and delicious flavor of cream-soaked mangoes in every cloud! Brand: Mango Twist / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Mango Twist Mango Cream Dream 60ml Ejuice Description We all know how well-loved fruits and creams are in the eliquid world, where ripe fruits and milky goodness come together in delicious clouds. Twist eLiquids has perfectly captured that delicious fruit and cream flavor in both the inhale and the exhale! First, fresh and exotic mangoes are harvested from the mango trees of Tobago, firm and ripe and ready for the taking! Each mango is sliced into stripes, sweet and silky sweet juice dripping onto your fingertips. The sun has ripened these fruits to a delicious golden hue, ensuring a fresh and fruity flavor in every bite. These strips are then laid in a bath of farm fresh cream and are set aside to soak up that sweet milky goodness. Once the mango slices are fully soaked with cold milky goodness, the creamy mangoes are stuffed into a blender and churned into a thick mango compote, strained of the melon chunks, and poured into a 60mL bottle just for you! Feast on the delicious flavor of wild mangoes and sweet cream, every drop as good as the first! Youll run out of this flavor before you know it, so make sure to stock up on Mango Cream Dream by Mango Twist and keep those fruit and cream cloud coming!