Marina Classics Fruity Cereal Donut Ejuice


Donuts Ejuice has been rebranded to Marina Classics Fruity Cereal Donut Ejuice by Marina Classics is brimming with sweet and soft pull-apart donut goodness, with sweet flakes of fruity cereal stuffed inside the dough, and with a luscious pebbled cereal frosting coating the top! Add a tall glass of chilled milk and you??????ll be in delicious donut heaven! Brand: Marina Classics / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Marina Classics Fruity Cereal Donut Ejuice Description Take your vape taste buds back in time, where colorful dinosaurs chase around comical cavemen around in a sea of pebbled cereal. This sweet and crunchy eliquid delivers a shock of Saturday morning cartoons in each and every cloud. Enjoy a sinfully sweet dessert eliquid, featuring a warm and freshly baked donut, baked tenderly with love and affection. A sweet and sticky donut dough was crafted from pure cane sugar, melted butter, farm fresh cream, and exotic Madagascar vanilla. This delicious dough was rolled out to form adorable donuts, a dozen to a pan. These sweet and moist donuts were plopped into the oven and gently baked until they had risen. The plump donuts get plopped into a waiting vat of bubbling oil, fried to delicious golden brown, and set to cool on a mesh rack. Once the donuts have cooled enough, theyre sent down a rolling belt to be doused in a layer of sweet and sticky glaze, clear and sweet. The donuts get thoroughly coated with this delicious sweetness, a handful of pebbled cereal gets flung atop each donut, adding a crunchy kick to every bite! Enjoy a freshly baked donut dipped in a sweet and sticky glaze and covered in a handful of sweet and crunchy cereal!