Marina Classics Kronuts Donuts Ejuice


Donuts Ejuice has been rebranded to Marina Classics Kronuts Ejuice by Marina Classics features a delightful Frankenstein of a dessert: donuts and croissants togethering a soft and fluffy cloud of flavor! Treat your vape taste buds to sweet clouds of freshly glazed kronuts and take your vape game to new heights with this mouthwatering dessert eliquid! Brand: Marina Classics / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Marina Classics Kronuts Donuts Ejuice Description In 2013, a delightful new dessert was introduced to the sweet-tooth cravers and left the dessert world in an uproar: croissant donuts! These sweet and flaky treats were shaped exactly like a donut, but once you sink your teeth into the buttery morsel, an aerated flaky center was revealed, exactly like a croissant! Now you can have this flavor in eliquid form, only a thousand times better as you can vape to your hearts consent! While no one can emulate the exact recipe that the famous NYC pastry chef created, we here at Donuts Ejuice have come pretty damn close, and wed like you to try this sweet and buttery goodness! A smooth and buttery kronut keeps your vape taste buds guessing as to which flavor youre actually vaping…the smooth and buttery flavor of a warm croissant or the rich and doughy flavor of a freshly baked donut? Its actually both! The sweet dessert gets stuffed with a thick and rich Bavarian cream, effectively satisfying your cravings for something sinfully delicious. And finally, the entire dessert gets smothered in a sweet and sticky glaze for a lip-smacking, mouthwatering dessert that you simply wont want to put down!