Meringue & The Family Aunt Meringue Ejuice


Aunt Meringue Ejuice by Meringue & The Family features the delicious taste of a freshly baked meringue pie. The flaky golden crust and the rich, creamy meringue make this vape juice a dessert delicacy. Brand: Meringue & The Family / Bottle Size: 60ml / VG/PG: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Meringue & The Family Aunt Meringue Ejuice Description The latest dessert taste in the Mr. Meringue series is Aunt Meringue which captures the essence of an apple meringue pie baked into a golden crust. Aunt Meringue is made from tasty apple meringue pie, baked on a golden fluffy crust under a creamy meringue layer. Mr Meringues Aunt Meringue eliquid is a blend of desserts and garden fruits. The meringue base, with creamy undertones, is combined with strong, crisp notes for a distinct vapor. This liquid consists of delicious cooked apples, which were poured into a buttery pie crust with enormous powdered sugar and fluffy meringue. Each inhalation seduces you with the flavor of warm apples that is cooked in warm cinnamon and brown sugar slowly. Then that crusty buttery taste drifts through your tongue. With this succulent, creamy meringue taste, every exhale enchants you. This ejuice is a dream come true for pie lovers because of its absolutely delicious flavor layers.