Milk King Chocolate Ejuice


Chocolate Ejuice by Milk King delivers the rich and smooth flavor of pure milk chocolate in eliquid farm! Feast on premium clouds of vapor that will have your taste buds thinking youre at the Hersheys Chocolate Factory! Enjoy an eliquid crafted by the king of milky flavors and treat your taste buds to an irresistibly sweet treat! Brand: Milk King / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Milk King Chocolate Ejuice Description You ever get a good hearty craving for chocolate but dont feel like running down to the corner store? Now, thanks to this delicious eliquid from the king of milky flavors, you dont have to! Feast on a premium bar of milk chocolate in eliquid form! Exotic cocoa beans were ground into a fine powder and sifted for silky softness. Farm fresh cream is whipped into a creamy texture and brings a thick milky goodness that your taste buds will go wild for. The cocoa powder and cream are swirled together to form a thick and creamy milk chocolate flavor that will rival anything Willy Wonka can churn out. Finally, the milk chocolate is poured into bar molds and left to set. The resulting chocolate bars are smooth, creamy, and oh so delicious! Indulge in the sinful sweetness of rich and decadent chocolate, now in eliquid form! This hefty 100mL bottle promises to deliver a satisfying cloud of premium chocolate clouds, tantalizing your taste buds and taunting your nostrils with the delicious scent of milk chocolate! If youve been searching for the right milky flavor to satisfy those creamy cloud cravings, check out Chocolate Ejuice by Milk King today!