Milk King Strawberry Ejuice


Strawberry Ejuice by Milk King presents a fruits and cream eliquid that blends wild summer strawberries with farm fresh cream for an out of this world flavor! Enjoy a delightful blend of strawberry milk that stamps out the competition in an overwhelming cloud of sweet fruits and cream flavor! Brand: Milk King / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Milk King Strawberry Ejuice Description There is an old legend that says that on a dark and starless night, a flying saucer hovered over the fields of a weathered farmhouse. A bright beam of light appeared and sucked away all of the wild strawberries in the patch behind the barn. The sweet berries gleamed in the unnatural light and shone a bright ruby red that would have blinded any viewer. The alien saucer passed over the farmhouse and the low bellows of the cows soon vanished into eerie silence. A flash of light streaked across the sky, and all of the cows and strawberries were whisked away onto the alien spacecraft. A few miles down the road, excited farmers gathered around a crashed spaceship, overflowing with bottles of the very eliquid you see before you. The farmers unscrewed the tops and were immediately hit with the sweet and delicious scent of strawberries and milk! The strawberries were sweet and ripe and freshly picked from their brambles, while the milk was frothy and smooth and creamy, as if it had just been milked from the cow just moments before! This sweet and delicious vape juice soon became a marvel nationwide, with vapers everywhere demanding a hit of this powerful fruit and cream eliquid. But dont take our word for it. Grab a bottle of Strawberry Ejuice by Milk King and see why this flavor doesnt ever stay on our shelves for long! Fat and juicy strawberries combined with a light and fluffy fresh cream are ready to launch themselves at your taste buds for a deliciously sweet and creamy all-day vape!