Mr. Good Vape Sweet Lovin Ejuice


Sweet Lovin?????? Ejuice by Mr. Good Vape has been one of the most sought-after candy flavored ejuice in the entire vaping industry. Hard and crunchy watermelon and strawberry candies offer up a soft and chewy bubblegum center. How many puffs will it take you to reach the end of this eliquid lollipop? Brand: Mr. Good Vape / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Mr. Good Vape Sweet Lovin Ejuice Description What makes Sweet Lovin?????? Ejuice by Mr. Good Vape so great? Unwrap the goodness of a sweet hard candy treat with a curious chewy center…introducing a watermelon and strawberry candy lollipop that fiercely guards its defenseless yet adorable bubblegum center! These aggressive flavors are gathered in the heat of the summer, ensuring maximum flavor in each slice of juicy watermelon and sweet strawberry. Fat melons loll around in the scorching heat while sunkissed strawberries gleam in the midday sun. As these fruits get folded into a batch of candy gooeyness, their flavors get more pronounced and potent. The candy is poured into lollipop molds, and a soft square of chewy bubblegum is delicately inserted into the center of the candy mold. The candied watermelon and strawberry are tasked with keeping intruders away from the sweet chewy center and will sacrifice their crunchy walls in defense of the bubblegum! Are you up to the challenge, my cloud-chasing vaper friend? Press boldly on, and snag a bottle of this adventurous flavor, bursting with hard strawberry and watermelon candy. If you??????re lucky, you might even get a taste of that chewy bubblegum center, but not before the hard candy rushes in and protects that secret flavor. Whatever your flavor preference is, indulge in them all with sweet hard candy, fresh fruits, and chewy bubble bum, compliments of Sweet Lovin?????? Ejuice by Mr. Good Vape!