Nerdy Get Leid Chilled Out Ejuice


Flavor Description Get Lei??????d Chilled Out Ejuice by Nerdy Ejuice has been one of the most sought-after mentholated fruit flavored Ejuices in the entire vaping industry. Feast on frozen slices of pineapples and icy coconut and enjoy your frozen cloud wonderland! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol Full Flavor Description What makes Get Lei??????d Ejuice by Nerdy so great? Get Lei??????d brings you to an upside down version of a tropical paradise, where the palm trees are covered with snow, and the shores of the warm ocean are now frozen solid. As you trudge through snow drifts, your snowshoes stumble against a frozen object…frozen pineapples! They must have fallen from the snow-capped pineapple trees. Trudge a little further, and you will see that the exotic coconut has met with the same fate. As you hastily draw these frozen fruits to yourself, you feel the wind whip around you and your eyes dart for shelter … a cave! Just a bit further ahead! You run blindly for it, and throw yourself at the mercy of the cave entrance! As you raise your eyes in disbelief, it was all a dream…yet somehow sitting in front of you is the exact flavor your not-so-distant-memory of snowshoes had kicked up…frozen pineapples and icy coconuts. As you puff on this flavor, you can almost see the backward island throughout the clouds, and the harder you stare, the more it seems to fade away. So relax, enjoy the sweet and icy blend of frozen fruits, as you ?????lei????? down in the warm summer sun and puff on memories of a not-too-far-away frozen island, compliments of Get Lei??????d Ejuice by Nerdy!