Nerdy Strawberry Kiwi Chilled Out Ejuice


Flavor Description Strawberry Kiwi Chilled Out Ejuice by Nerdy Ejuice has been one of the most sought-after mentholated fruit flavored ejuice in the entire vaping industry. Sweet coconut and tangy pineapple mingle together to deliver a blast of a Caribbean pi????a colada! Savor each delicious cloud with this tropical paradise eliquid! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol Full Flavor Description What makes Strawberry Kiwi Chilled Out Ejuice by Nerdy so great? One of the most famous fruit pairings is blended together in eliquid form, ready and waiting to transport your clouds to the heavens, bursting with sweet fruit goodness! But instead of delivering the usual mix of summer sweetness, Nerdy crafted this eliquid in the light of a full moon, one cold night in December. Frozen slices of exotic green kiwi are delivered before you, with chilled juice oozing out of each slice and offering a tart yet icy sweet cloud of goodness in each puff. Fat winter strawberries are brought into the mix, still cold from the chill of the night. Each strawberry is sliced into thick slivers and topped with fresh cane sugar to present a red berry dream of frostbitten sweetness. Take your clouds on a winter vacation with fields of flash-frozen strawberries and rows of icy green kiwi, waiting to delight your vape taste buds and intertwine in each cloud. Puff on chilly fruit-flavored clouds that transport you to the field of strawberries and kiwi, offering delicious flavor that every cloud chaser dreams of finding. Nerdy needs no introduction; for outstanding frozen fruit flavor that satisfies your insatiable cravings for thick chunks of frozen kiwi and freshly iced strawberries, snag a bottle today and keep your tank brimming with flavorful sweet and frosty scented fruit clouds, compliments of Strawberry Kiwi Chilled Out Ejuice by Nerdy!