Nude Ice G.A.S. Ejuice


G.A.S. ICE Ejuice by Nude Ice brings together a trio of fruits for one seriously juicy good eliquid. Fresh guavas, ripe apples, and sweet, crisp strawberries are blended together into one smooth, juicy ejuice dream now in and ICE version for a cool menthol exhale. Bottle Size: 120ml / VG/PG: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol GAS by Nude Ice is a refreshing blend of guava, apple, strawberries, and menthol. This eliquid is just as impressive as you imagine. It has a bold, tropical flavor that doesnt get old. GAS by Nude Ice is an authentic fruity blend with a bold menthol flavor. This ejuice will captivate your taste buds and refresh your senses. When vaping GAS, you get the taste of strawberry and apple flavor on the inhale. The taste is sweet and crisp. On the exhale, you get the unique guava flavor. This is a delightful vape liquid that will have you feeling energized with every puff. If you love fruity vapes, you will be blown away by this one. The different fruit flavors in GAS were specially selected to deliver a captivating vaping experience. It is guaranteed to please your taste buds. This could easily be an all-day vape because the flavor intensity is just perfect. It is neither too weak nor too strong. Grab a bottle of GAS by Nude Ice today and be prepared to savor every puff.