Okami Berry Go-Yard Ejuice


Berry Go-Yard is a delicious eliquid that is produced by the Okami. This ejuice has the flavor of ripe berries, and yogurt. Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Full Flavor Description Berry Go-Yard is a delicate ejuice that makes the mouth water with every hit that you take. This vape juice by Okami is produced with rich ingredients. Berry Go-Yard is a superb blend that has a balanced taste that offers a pleasant blend of ripe berries, and yogurt. When you vape, Berry Go-Yard, none of these two flavors ever get overpowering. Berry Go-Yard is the kind of ejuice that is ideal for the summer season. Berry Go-Yard by Okami is the kind of vape juice that you can vape all day long without getting bored. This eliquid has a delicious inhale and exhale. Berry Go-Yard has the flavor of sweet yogurt on the inhale. The yogurt flavor is smooth, and creamy. This Okami ejuice has the flavor of ripe strawberries on the exhale. The berry flavor and yogurt blend extends into the aftertaste with a long-lasting effect.