Overloaded 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Overloaded Ejuice (by Loaded eLiquids) Overloaded 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle features a triple home run of flavor, batting your taste buds down with three heavy hitting dessert eliquids! First up, we have pure and premium vanilla custard, perfect for those who prefer the simple classics. Next, we have wild blueberry custard, overflowing with wild forest berry flavor. Finally, we have a true treat for those who love bananas: a sweet and creamy banana custard vape! Sweet your vape taste buds off their feet with this delicious trio of custard goodness! Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Full Flavor Description First up, we have Vanilla Custard. Indulge in your sweet tooth cravings and dive into a cloud of flavor, where silky sweet custard flavored with exotic vanilla takes your breath away! Feast on a smooth and creamy dessert eliquid that satisfies your deepest longings for a milky eliquid with a simple vanilla flavor and nothing more! For the vanilla lovers everywhere, this is one eliquid you simply must try! We start out with a rich and creamy custard, concocted by our top bakers of the Overloaded eLiquids kitchen. A bakers dozen of eggs were whipped into a silky liquid mess, while farm-fresh cream bathed the eggs in a milky white puddle. And finally, a heaping cup of pure cane sugar was added in for a sweet flavor that offers premium flavor in every bite! Finally, freshly scraped vanilla beans were flown in from Madagascar, adding a burst of exotic flavor that gently transports your taste buds to a dreamy world of vanilla bliss. Next, we have Blueberry Custard. We started out with a strong custard base, crafted from premium ingredients for a pack of mouthwatering flavor. We found a hidden treasure trove of blueberries, tucked away in a berry bramble within a black forest, gleaming bright blue in the overhead sunlight. We eagerly gathered as many of these blackberries as our nimble fingers could reach and hastily brought them back to our master kitchen. These sweet blueberries were mashed into a chunky blueberry compote, sweet and rich with wild fruit flavor.Next, we whipped up a flavorful custard, full of farm fresh cream, beaten eggs, and pure cane sugar. This sweet treat was mixed until quite fluffy and soft, ready to delight your palate with all the goodness of a scrumptious sticky custard. Finally, we have Banana Custard. Lose yourself in this delightful cloud of flavor, as your nostrils are invaded with pure and exotic Tahittian vanilla, creamy custard, and fat slices of golden ripe bananas. We started out with a rich vanilla base, where exotic Tahittian vanilla bean stalks are scraped bare, leaving a heaping pile of dark black vanilla bean. These flavorful seeds are sweirled into a thick and creamy custard, whipped to perfection from a handful of special ingredients. Sweet and freshly churned cream is whisked into a fluffy dessert, where beaten eggs and pure cane sugar are mixed in. The fluffy custard greedily absorbs the rich vanilla beans and transforms into a creamy vanilla custard. As a finishing touch, a handful of bananas are crushed into a thick chunky mash and swirled in for a blast of sweet fruit flavor. A few leftover banana slices decorate the top of the custard, ensuring a delicious bite of sweet banana flavor in every mouthful!