Pachamama Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry Ejuice


Pachamama Ejuice (by Charlies Chalk Dust) Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry Ejuice by Pachamama Ejuice (by Charlies Chalk Dust) is a complex yet well-blended eliquid featuring a unique combination of flavors. Citrus flavor featuring blood orange and exotic mango highlights are combined with banana notes and just a hint of wild gooseberries. A lightly tart and sweet vape juice flavor combination that explodes with flavors on different levels. Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Fruit Full Flavor Description For those of you that love fruit flavors, Pachamama has crafted an eliquid that features a whopping FOUR fruit flavors, each ripe and sweet and full of delicious goodness. First up, we start with the blood orange. Named for its dark red flesh within the ordinary orange peel, this flavor brings a strong punch of citrus that smoothly infuses your clouds with rich Floridian flavor. Next, we have bananas. These tropical treats were imported from Mexico, bringing a pungent scent of golden ripe bananas in every puff. Each banana is sliced into fat chunks, soft and sweet and full of mouthwatering goodness. And finally, we have an unusual yet delicious fruit: gooseberries. Gooseberries have remained quietly in the background as an exotic fruit, but Pachamama decided to dedicate an eliquid to this delightful berry. This European delicacy is comparable to grapes but offers a richer sweeter flavor than your ordinary table grapes. Take a leap of faith into the fruit-scented eliquid realm and discover a pure and fruity flavor of three delicious fruits combined into one insanely good vape juice. Treat your taste buds to a wonderfully satisfying flavor, full of sweet blood oranges, rich bananas, and exotic gooseberries in a single cloud!