Pachamama Salt Apple Tobacco Ejuice


Apple Tobacco eJuice by Pachamama Salts bring together an unlikely combination of flavors: crisp autumn apples and bold tobacco! Enjoy a marriage of two unique flavors, both well loved in their own realms and finally brought together in glorious harmony! Fresh apples and rich tobacco creates a cloud of flavor like youve never had before! Brand: Pachamama Salts / Bottle Size: 30ml / Flavor Type: Fruits, Tobacco, Nicotine Salt Full Flavor Description We all know that Johnny Appleseed traveled the countryside, planting an apple tree whenever he had finished with his favorite fruit. But did you know Mr. Appleseed was fond of his pipe? After every apple, Johnny puffed on a calming relaxing blend of hearty tobacco. The smooth tendrils laced around each freshly planted apple seed, infusing each seed with the rich and powerful flavor of earthy tobacco. Once the seeds grew into large towering apple trees, the fresh fruit that dangled from the branches carried a hearty flavor of tobacco in every bite. These rich apples are carefully sliced into thick wedges, each slice sending out the crisp scent of autumnal goodness. Sink your teeth into the crisp and silky flavor of crisp October apples, each ripe fruit offering a delicate trace of smooth tobacco. These tobacco apples are coveted far and wide, with only a handful of people knowing their exact location. Luckily for your, Pachamama has discovered one of these apples trees and stuffs that silky tobacco and sweet fruit flavor into every bottle. Savor the rich and hearty flavor of rich tobacco mingled with ripe apple deliciousness, brought to you in e-liquid form as Apple Tobacco by Pachamama Salt!