Pachamama Salt Strawberry Watermelon Ejuice


Strawberry Watermelon eJuice by Pachamama Salt brings summers favorite fruits in e-liquid form! Sunkissed strawberries and juicy watermelon unite in a single cloud, allowing your taste buds to sing with happiness. Summer never has to end, thanks to this delicious duo of fruits in a single cloud! Brand: Pachamama Salts / Bottle Size: 30ml / Flavor Type: Fruits, Nicotine Salt Full Flavor Description Feast on the famous fruit flavors of summer, featuring freshly picked wild strawberries and smooth juicy watermelon. These two fruits truly are the pride of the summer months, offering the warm and heavenly scent of the hot sun in every puff. We start off with succulent strawberries on the inhale, that rich and hearty flavor of fresh berries ready to wash over your taste buds. You can still taste the wild flavor in each strawberry, making your mouth water and your taste buds sing. The delicious flavor of the sun is heartily infused into each ruby red berry, allowing summer to live on in your clouds. But theres a second flavor present in this delightful nic-salt e-liquid: cold and sweet summer watermelon! Hundreds of watermelons were hauled in from an overgrown berry patch, the melon vines snaking over each swollen melon as if to guard it from being harvested. The emerald green rinds shone brightly in the mid-morning sun, infusing a wild flavor that is immediately detected on the exhale. Dive headfirst into a sea of strawberry and watermelon clouds, each puff more flavorful and refreshing than the last. With sweet strawberries and crisp watermelon goodness, summer never has to be in your rearview mirror!