Pebz Ejuice 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Pebz Pebz Ejuice 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle features a double whammy of dessert and menthol goodness. Chow down on icy pebbled cereal, drizzled with a cold stream of farm fresh cream and topped with freshly fallen snow in one bottle, and sample the menthol version of the same flavor in the second bottle! Bottle Size: 200mL (2x 100ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert & Menthol Full Flavor Description First up, we start with Original. It??????s a special blend of sweet pebbled cereal, chiseled from colorful rock cereal and drizzled with fresh dinosaur milk! Well, as fresh as dinosaur milk can be…haha! But don??????t take my word for it; you??????ll have to try this flavor for yourself! And who knows…maybe you??????ll spy a pterodactyl flying in the clouds, or a lone velociraptor whizzing through the trees! Finally, we have Frosty. How many cereals do you know that pack a powerful punch of wintery freshness in every breath? Were willing to be not many, and none as delicious as this sweet and icy eliquid you see before you! We started out with a heaping bowl of pebbled cereal, poured fresh from the box only seconds ago. Instead of sugar, we sprinkle freshly fallen snow atop the crunchy cereal, infusing an icy sweetness into every pebbled bite! Next, we douse the cereal with ice cold milk, freshly whisked from the refrigerator. This creamy milk brings the perfect touch of chillly goodness, offering refreshment and sweetness in a unique dessert form.