Pebz Original Ejuice


Pebz Pebz Original Ejuice lets you stuff your face into a bowl of freshly poured pebbled cereal, filled up to the brim with cold creamy milk! Add a few prehistoric ??????saurs and cavemen, and watch as your clouds get transported to the stone age! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Full Flavor Description Are your taste buds ready for adventure in the Great American Time Machine? Of course you are, come on board! Let??????s set our time gauge here to go back to the Stone Age, and since I don??????t know exactly how many years to go back, let??????s just keep going until we see some Jurassic Park type scenery and we??????ll grind to a halt. Sounds good? Alright! Here we go…hmmm, seems like my flux capacitor is out of commission. Drat! Well, it??????s not a total loss…here you go, from my last visit. This flavor features a rich and creamy bowl of cereal, perfect for your morning wake and vape sessions. It??????s a special blend of sweet pebbled cereal, chiseled from colorful rock cereal and carefully poured into a rock bowl. This bowl of sweet cereal gets drizzled with fresh dinosaur milk! Well, as fresh as dinosaur milk can be…haha! Your taste buds will go wild with the fresh flavor of crunchy pebbled cereal and cold creamy milk. But don??????t take my word for it; you??????ll have to see for yourself! And who knows…maybe you??????ll spy a pterodactyl flying in the clouds, or a lone velociraptor whizzing through the trees! Enjoy a hearty bowl of cereal and milk, thanks to Original Ejuice by Pebz!