Puff Labs Pinks eJuice (formerly Circus Cookie)


Puff Labs eLiquids (formerly Circus Cookie eLiquids) Puff Labs Pinks eJuice (formerly known as “Frosting Ejuice by Circus Cookie”) features the best part of a seven-layer cake, the sweetest part of a frosted sugar cookie, and the creamy center of a whoopie pie…the frosting! Throw away the boring cookies and pies, because its frosting you want, and by gosh (with the help of this eliquid) its frosting youll get! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Full Flavor Description Remember the days of tugging on Mommas apron strings, watching while she made a sweet frosted cake and always waiting to lick the spoon that frosted the cake? Now you can relive those happy memories, thanks to this delicious dessert eliquid by one of the most popular dessert flavor makers! First, we start with a heaping cup of soft powdered sugar, followed by a pound of softened butter. These two ingredients are gently folded together to form a creamy base. Next, we add in a dash of Madagascar vanilla for warm and comforting flavor, and finally, a splash of milk to keep this frosting moist and fluffy! These ingredients are swiftly whipped together to form a rich and flavorful frosting, waiting to butter you up in thick and creamy clouds! This sweet and creamy eliquid satisfies your cravings for something sweet, all while keeping your vape taste buds happy with a delicious onslaught of clouds! Forget the sugar cookie that needs frosting, tear into the center of that soft whoopie pie, and lick the spoon that was supposed to smother a freshly baked cake in creamy frosting! Your sweet tooth craving is calling; answer the call with this rich and decadent sugary frosting in eliquid form, thanks to Frosting Ejuice by Circus Cookie!