Reds Apple Ejuice & Nude A.P.K 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Reds Apple Ejuice & Nude Ejuice Reds Apple Ejuice & Nude A.P.K 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle A.P.K 2 Pack Bundle combines two delicious apple flavors for One low price! Get one bottle of each in this 180ml bundle (1x Reds 60ml & 1x Nude 120ml) and you decide which is your favorite apple flavored vape! Bottle Size: 180mL (1x120ml & 1x60ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Reds Ejuice -Its a perfect day for a fruit-scented cloud, and theres only one fruit we have our sights set on: freshly picked apples! Sweet and sticky apple juice runs wild in this flavor, infusing your clouds with the sweetness of a freshly picked apple. Close your eyes and let the sweet and juicy flavor of a freshly picked apple wash over your taste buds. Smooth and sweet waves of apple-scented goodness gives you all the fun of a weekend orchard trip without ever leaving your house! Feast on the singular flavor of crisp October apples, with every puff better than the last! Instead of traveling many miles to the nearest orchard or picking through the bruised assortment at your local grocery store, pick up a bottle of Apple by Reds E-Juice today! Nude A.P.K. – Freshly picked apples burst with summer goodness, crisp and clean and juicy. You can almost feel the orchard breeze ripple across your skin, as you close your eyes and inhale the sweet fragrance of delicious apple trees. Soft and slightly grainy d??????Anjou pear juice dribbles down your chin as you sink your teeth into its ripe flesh, sweet and pure. And green exotic kiwis deliver a powerful punch of green happiness, tart and flavorful inside its rough and tough exterior. Nude offers exactly what it advertises: pure, smooth, and clean flavor, with nothing added or taken away. Sometimes simplicity is the most complex ingredient of them all, and Nude has managed to incorporate that ingredient into this rich and flavorful eliquid.