Reds Apple Salt Series Watermelon Iced Ejuice


Iced Watermelon Ejuice by Reds Salt Series freezes your taste buds with a rush of icy watermelon clouds! Roll around in frosty clouds of freshly frozen watermelon slices, freshly carved from the chilly countryside. Enjoy a delicious fruit eliquid with a touch of cooling menthol in every puff! Reds Apple Salt Series Watermelon Iced Ejuice Details Brand: Reds Apple Type: Ejuice Salts Bottle Size: 30ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Fruit, Menthol, Nicotine Salt Banish your taste buds to the ends of the earth with this cold and crisp frozen watermelon eliquid! Make sure youve packed your snowshoes and heavy winter coat for this cloud adventure, because your taste buds will be shivering with every puff! Snowcovered mounds of sweet watermelon lay buried under a foot of snow, patiently waiting for the eager adventurer to dust them off. The ripe fruit has been preserved under a frozen blanket, ready to freeze your taste buds at a moments notice! Embrace the winter wonderland of frozen watermelon goodness, as you carve these icy melons in half. The icy shards of fresh watermelon are cold and refreshing to your vape palate, leaving an avalanche of flavor in its wake! You wont be able to resist the frosty flavor of the long-forgotten melon patch, each puff offering sweet melon flavor with a chilly kiss of winter in the exhale. Inferior menthol flavors beware! This 30mL bottle of freshly frozen watermelon eliquid brings a cooling touch of menthol wrapped in a sweet watermelon cloud! Treat your taste buds to something cold and fruity, thanks to this delightful menthol eliquid called Iced Watermelon Ejuice by Reds Apple Salt Series!