Reds Iced Apple Ejuice


Reds Apple Ejuice Iced Apple Ejuice by Reds Apple Ejuice brings an infusion of icy apple goodness in each frosty puff! Revel in the fresh and icy flavor of cold December apples, their autumnal sweetness enhanced by the cold bite of winter! Enjoy a hearty fruit and menthol eliquid in every puff and have yourself a very merry winter wonderland! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol Full Flavor Description Keep your taste buds guessing with this crisp and clean flavor of this frosty apple eliquid! On the inhale, you get the sweet and juicy flavor of freshly picked apples from a lush countryside orchard. Yet on the exhale, youre met with a blast of frosty winter air, cooling your taste buds and coating your tongue with the icy chill of winter! The secret is that these sweet apples were gathered in the heart of the arctic winter, a thick sheet of ice completely covering each apple. The sweet flavor of fall was preserved in each ripe apple, but the chill of winter had already seeped into each fruit! Rather than toss these snowy apples around in a snowball fight, we decided to turn these icy apples into the perfect menthol eliquid! The smooth flavor of crisp and juicy apples is only enhanced by the cold and biting taste of a winter wonderland. Treat your taste buds to a frosty cloud experience, stuffed with frostbitten apple flavor in every cloud! Whether youre a fruit or menthol eliquid lover, you can have the best of both worlds in this ingenious icy apple eliquid, compliments of Iced Apple Ejuice by Reds Ejuice!