Ripe Collection 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Ripe Collection Ripe Collection 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle features a fresh and flavorful bundle of fruits, fresh and juicy for your fruit cloud cravings! Crisp apples, ripe melons, lush kiwis, plump berries, fat dragonfruits, sunkissed strawberries, and tropical bananas await you! Roll around in the sweet taste of fresh fruit clouds for as long as your taste buds desire! Bottle Size: 300ml (3x100ml) / Ratio: 75/25 / Flavor Type: Fruit Full Flavor Description First up, we have Fiji Melons. Stumble throughout the huge vines featuring swollen melons, as you feast on freshly carved chunks bursting with succulent and juicy flavor. But don??????t stop just at the watermelon patch…press forward a little further and discover a heavenly aromatic orchard bursting with fresh October apples! Wander amongst the trees and inhale the sweet fruit flavor that intoxicates the air. Bite into a crisp juicy apple and feel the fresh apple juice dribble down your chin as it blesses your taste buds with sweetness. Secondly, we have Kiwi Dragon Berry. Our journey brought us to the legendary Kiwi Valley, where rich green kiwis sat gleaming and ripe, and bursting with tart tangy flavor. Nearby we discovered Berry Bay, where vast brambles of wild blueberries kept the bushes low hanging due to the heavy fruit on their branches. And even further still, we chanced upon the Monster??????s Lair, where fire-roasted pitayas lay smoldering from the dragon??????s recent temper tantrum. We hurriedly gathered as much of the dragon fruit as we dared, praying each moment the monster wouldn??????t feel the need to return and inspect his fruit collection, lest he should discover us! Finally, we have Straw Nanners. As we stumbled throughout the forests of StrawNana Island, featuring huge banana trees, heavy with bunches of ripe golden bananas. We couldn??????t resist shimmying up every now and then to grab a handful of bananas to satisfy our fruit cravings. And while sure, the monkeys looked at us a little weirdly, but they left us alone for the most part. Nestled at the base of each tree was a thriving wild strawberry patch, featuring plump red berries just waiting to be plucked. Rather than keep two delicious fruits apart, we mashed them both together in a smoothie-licious blend of ripe fruits!