Ripe Collection Apple Berries Ejuice


Ripe Collection Apple Berries Ejuice by Ripe Collection features a juicy fruit combination of crisp autumn apples and heaps of wild berries gushing with flavor. Combined, these two fruits create a juicy vape thats hard to match. Take your taste buds on a fresh fruit adventure with this apple berry-liscious e-juice! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 75/25 / Flavor Type: Fruit Full Flavor Description Juicy fall apples and wild summer berries unite in this delicious vape juice, offering the flavors of two seasons in a single cloud! We start off with summer, one of the hottest months that require a refreshing flavor to quench our thirst for something sweet. That refreshing flavor comes in the form of wild berries, gleaming like gems in the bright summer sun. Bold strawberries look like red rubies, scattered over a field of strawberry plants and tantalizing your taste buds with that rich sweet aroma. Nearby, a patch of blueberries shines like sapphire stones, plump and sweet with the slightest bit of tanginess. These fruit gems are fervently gathered and stuffed into this 100mL bottle you see before you. But just when you thought the flavor couldnt get any better, the season changes and youre left with one of Octobers finest fruits: apples! Crisp gala apples deliver that autumnal flavor in the exhale, sweet and juicy from the first bite to the last! The apples have been ripening throughout the summer, waiting for the perfect time to ripen. The rich apple flavor comes through wonderfully in the exhale, allowing you to appreciate the changing flavor of the seasons! Keep your fruit cravings satisfied with the fresh flavor of sweet strawberries, plump blueberries, and crisp apples in every cloud!