Ripe Collection Ice 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Ripe Collection Ice If ripe is the name of the game, then youve come to the right place! Ripe Collection Ice 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle delivers a whopping 300mL of frosty fruits for an insanely low price! Feast on frozen strawberries and bananas in one bottle, icy dragonfruit and frosty mixed berries in another, and chilly melons, crisp apples, and flash-frozen strawberries in the third! Bottle Size: 300ml (3x100ml) / Ratio: 75/25 / Flavor Type: Menthol Full Flavor Description First up, we have Kiwi Dragon Berry. How courageous would you say you are? Bold enough to slide down the back of a mythical serpent? Provided that this is true, you may arrive in a berry fix loaded up with the boldest of berries: the dragon berry. Additionally, tucked away among those ground-breaking dragon berries you may discover little gemstones of kiwi. If you dare to be so valiant, then you will be rewarded by The Ripe on Ice Collections Kiwi Dragon Berry on Ice Eliquid. The dragon berry enhance infers the kind of fruit juice, with an additional increase in strength, to take out any dreary reservations you may have towards this typical, exhausting flavor. When the flavor is breathed in that recognizable fruit juice enhance fills your lungs and astonishes your taste buds with a trace of melon bend. You may have thought this was it however the sweet kiwi crawls up on you and draws out the best tannins and flavors in the dragon berry. Next, we have Straw Nanners. These sweet strawberries were once the prime choice of fruits in the sprawling fields of summer. Yet soon the kiss of winter settled upon these ripe strawberries, adorning each sweet berry with the delicate lace of the first frost. These cold berries may thaw out eventually, but the icy touch of winter has lain in the berries for far too long! Each fat slice of these winter strawberries bears the crisp flavor of a winter snowfall. But its not just frozen strawberries that dance upon your taste buds…a second icy flavor lies just beneath the surface. Frozen chunks of golden ripe bananas are delicious present in the exhale, ready to bring out your winter monkey! These fragrant fruits are frozen solid and covered with a solid sheet of ice, infusing the icy taste of winters touch in every cloud! Savor the thick and creamy flavor of bananas with the perfect touch of menthol goodness. These two fruits come together to forumulate a ripe fruit and icy menthol! And lastly, we have Fiji Melons. Strap on your snowboard and grab your ski poles, my menthol loving vapers! Were about to take a trip to Mount Fiji, where icy melons, frosty guava, and frozen apples await in snow-covered melon patches! We start with frozen watermelons, cold and sweet and completely covered with a layer of ice. We split the melon open to reveal a cold and frosty ruby red melon flesh, ready to delight your taste buds with a single icy puff! Next, we have frozen guavas, lush with that renowned Colombian flavor. The smooth and frosty green skin is stripped away to reveal a frosty pink fruit center, bursting with delicious sweetness. And finally, we have Fuji apples, perfectly frozen but crisp and juicy with every sweet slice! Cold and sweet apple juice drips from every slice, ready and waiting to launch refreshing flavor in every cloud! But wait! Whats that? Oh no! In digging out the melons to sample their icy sweetness, weve disrupted the snowy mountain! A thundering avalanche threatens to completely cover the freshly carved melons, stripping us from their deliciousness forever! Grab your bottle now before its too late!