Ripe Collection Iced Salts Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate Ejuice


Ripe Collection Iced Salt Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate Ejuice by Ripe Collection Ice Salts features an avalanche of frozen blue raspberries and icy pomegranate! Slalom through snowy slopes of icy fruit refreshment as your taste buds make snow angels in the clouds! Not a menthol fan? Try our non-menthol version instead! Bottle Size: 30mL / Ratio: 75/25 / Flavor Type: Menthol Full Flavor Description This eliquid flavor promises to whisk your taste buds through a whirlwind of icy flavor in a single puff! Two whimsical and frosty flavors dominate this delicious eliquid: the ever-so-popular icy blue raspberry and the arctic pomegranate! First up, we have the chilly blue raspberry, sweet and icy and frozen blue from the cold! The sweetness of the berry is enhanced by a sugary dusting of snow, infusing the ripe berry with an arctic temperature. Next, we have a snowy pomegranate, covered with a thin sheen of ice across its firm rind. The pomegranate is frozen solid, but upon cracking open the fruit, the sweet arils are ready and waiting to delight your taste buds! The cold arils are nearly frozen solid, but the tart and tangy pomegranate seeds still pack a powerful punch of flavor! Enjoy the cold and refreshing sweetness of a snowy wonderland, where icy blue raspberries soak into your clouds like a melting snowball! The chilly pomegranates offer their icy zing with the frosty arils, sweet and chilly and full of cold sultry flavor! Enjoy a delightful fusion of two delicious frozen fruits, featuring a cold and sweet blue raspberry joined by a frosty pomegranate! Frozen fruit lovers will go wild over this Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate Ejuice by Ripe Collection Ice Salts!