Rockt Punch Blu Rza Thunderbomb Ejuice


Blu Rza Thunderbomb Ejuice by Rockt Punch Ejuice is a mouthwatering, flavor-loaded eliquid, Perfectly mimicking the taste of a blue raspberry slushy from your local convenience store, this vape juice is a perfectly sweet but refreshing all day vape! Brand: Rockt Punch / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Rockt Punch Blu Rza Thunderbomb Ejuice Description Three, two, one…blast off! Its a rocket of flavor flying straight to your taste buds! This flavor gives sweets to the sweet, satisfying those candy cravings in a single puff. Feast on a satisfying flavor of cold blue raspberries slushy, freshly churned from the spout of your favorite convenience store. The blue raspberries were muddled into a thick and chunky berry compote, sweet and fruity and oh so yummy! A pound of sugar is happily poured in, enhancing that fruit flavor and crafting something even sweeter for your taste buds. This delicious blue raspberry flavoring is dumped into a thundering slushy machine, where the magnificent sound of crashing thunder mixes ice shards and blue raspberry sweetness together! Go ahead, pull that lever, and have yourself a heaping cup of pure slushy mix! Fill your cup all the way to the top and suck on that straw to enjoy every last bit of this convenience store treat. Your taste buds will go crazy from the first puff to the last, and youll be guarding this vape juice jealously against all of your vaper friends who “just want to borrow a little bit.” Feast on the deliciously refreshing flavor of blue raspberry slushy in every cloud, thanks to the Blu Rza Thunderbomb Ejuice by Rockt Punch!