Rockt Punch Island Ice Cannon Ejuice


Island Ice Cannon Ejuice by Rockt Punch Ejuice features a juicy combination of tropical fruits with a citrus squeeze and a cool, menthol finish to make a seriously refreshing vape juice. Fruits crushed over ice, what better way to combat the heat of the summer? Brand: Rockt Punch / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol Rockt Punch Island Ice Cannon Ejuice Description Island Ice Cannon by Rockt Punch transports your vape taste buds to a topsy turvy island vacation! Instead of warm sun and soft sands, youre met with the wicked blast of winter in every puff. The once-ripe fruit has been frozen solid, creating an icy blast of flavor alongside that juicy flavor youve come to crave. A wave of tropical fruits is deliciously present on the inhale, while a frigid breath of icy menthol envelops your taste buds on the exhale. A delightful tinge of citrus flows smoothly throughout the eliquid, allowing for delicious refreshment in both icy menthol and sweet tropical fruits! Take a journey through the frozen tundra of a once-lush tropical paradise, and see for yourself how the frosty island fruits can delight your taste buds today! This flavor promises to keep your taste shivering with delight from the first hit to the last. Sweet and juicy tropical fruits burst forth in each frosty cloud, surrounded by a delicate hint of citrus, and overwhelmed with a chilly blast of menthol. Shoot your taste buds out of a cannon with this deliciously crisp and refreshing menthol eliquid called Island Ice Cannon by Rockt Punch!