Rockt Punch Lemon Cake Berserker Ejuice


Lemon Cake Berserker Ejuice by Rockt Punch Ejuice is a silky smooth lemon cheesecake flavor that will satisfy any dessert cravings. A perfect combination of tarty citrus blended with rich, creamy cheesecake makes this a delectable eliquid treat. Bask in the smooth and flavorful clouds of freshly made cheesecake in every cloud! Brand: Rockt Punch / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Rockt Punch Lemon Cake Berserker Ejuice Description Let your vape taste buds go berserk with this rich and creamy cheesecake eliquid! Rockt Punch is famous for creating flavors that go above and beyond the ordinary demands of flavorful eliquids, and this flavor is no exception. Feast on a thick slice of freshly baked cheesecake, complete with a buttery graham cracker crust and freshly grated lemon zest! Thick and frothy whipped cream is beaten into a creamy texture, where soft cream cheese is gently folded in. A heaping cup of pure cane sugar and a dash of vanilla extract are tossed in, allowing the creamy cheesecake to increase in smoothness and flavor. Finally, several sweet Meyer lemons are grated into the blend, infusing the cheesecake batter with tart and tangy citrus goodness. This delectable cheesecake batter is carefully poured over a bed of buttery graham cracker crumbs, freshly crushed into crumbly perfection. The cheesecake is left to set, and after few agonizing hours, the mouthwatering dessert is popped from its springform pan and set before you in eliquid form! Treat your taste buds to a truly exquisite dessert that will have your mouth watering and your taste buds singing, all made possible by Lemon Cake Berserker Ejuice by Rockt Punch!