Rockt Punch Rainbow Riot Squad Ejuice


Rainbow Riot Squad Ejuice by Rockt Punch Ejuice is sure to make your taste buds join the riot with its rainbow sherbet loaded ejuice flavor. Creamy but tart, this fruity mix of orange and raspberry is blended with a light citrus taste of lemon sherbet creating an explosion of fruit flavors for a unique vape experience. Brand: Rockt Punch / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Rockt Punch Rainbow Riot Squad Ejuice Description Rockt Punch decided to start a riot in the crowded market of creamy dessert flavors and sent in their very own champion heavyweight: sweet and creamy rainbow sherbet! This smooth and flavor-loaded eliquid brings that desperately-craved refreshment that summer is famous for! Dig into a bowl of freshly scooped rainbow sherbet, flavored with summers favorite fruits! Sweet Florida oranges bring a tangy flavor of citrus to every spoonful, while sunkissed raspberries bring a balance of warm and sweet berry goodness. Freshly grated Meyer lemons add a smooth and creamy tartness to the orange and raspberry sherbet, making this one of the most appetizing dessert flavors on the market! Keep your taste buds refreshed with this smooth and creamy rainbow sherbet, flavored with three exotic flavors that blend perfectly together. Firm and ripe navel oranges add a burst of color to the creamy dessert, while soft and sweet raspberries infuse a berry-licious flavor into every puff! Tart and tangy Meyer lemons bring a sharp flavor of tart citrus to the sherbet for a well-rounded flavor of creamy goodness. Enjoy a heaping bowlful of freshly churned rainbow sherbet in every cloud and start a riot with your taste buds for more creamy goodness, all made possible by Rainbow Riot Squad Ejuice by Rockt Punch!